Sunday, April 24, 2016

He is an atrist

Hey Yall,

Azland is such an artist and great at Claymation.  I swear this kid can work at Universal Studios some day.  He can see something and create it or draw it.  AND  of course he creates his own ideas as well.  Its a therapy for him which is great because he is so good at it.  AND it is great motor skills therapy too.

Here is a picture of a duck he made using Play-do.  He did not start playing with play-do till be was around 5 or 6.  He didn't like the way it felt.

He always put so much detail into everything he makes.  AND they are usually small which is even more amazing that he creates all the details with his fingers and no tools.

This summer I am looking into getting him private art classes.  I wish there was an art school for him in my area but I have not found on for his age. 

Every autistic person is different in their own way and same goes for Azland.  He struggles with reading and telling me his feelings.  He is really good at math and drawing.  He struggles to be still and focus but when he is creating he never moves and is fully in tune with what he is creating.